2.2.29 Tp Tours

Last Update: 7 February 2018

Tours Styles: You can Select Tours Styles using this option.
Tour Navigator Spacing: You can enter value to setup a gap in between two Tour navigators.
Tour Navigator Position: You can choose Tour Navigator position using these options.
Tour Navigator Alignment: You can choose Tour Navigator alignment using these options.
Navigation width: You can make tour width selecting value in this option.
Active Tour : Enter number of Tour which you want to show as active initially.(Note: to have all sections closed on initial load enter non-existing number) e.g. 1,2,3 etc.
Pagination Style: Select any style for pagination using these options.
Tab Navigator Padding: Enter value of inner padding of tab navigator. e.g 20px, 20px 40px , 20px 10px 20px 30px, etc.

Animation Settings:

Typography Settings:

Color Settings: