2.2.40 Woo Products

Last Update: 7 February 2018

Products Style: You can select different styles.
Listing Layout: You can select different layout. grid , masonry , carousal , metro layout
:You can turn on or off description of team member.

Choose Categories: You can choose categories from which you want to show posts by marking one or multiple.
Maximum Posts: Please entr number of posts you want to display.
Order By: You can list out this posts as per it’s order options.
Sorting Order: Enter Value of height.You can use positive and negative value here.E.g. auto,200px,500px etc.
Columns Setting: You can list out this posts as per sorting options.

Extra Options
Category Wise Filter: You can Turn On or Off Category wise Filtration option using this option.
More Post Loading Options: You can choose more post loading using this option.

Display Settings:

Animation Settings:

Carousel Settings: