2.2.6 Animated SVG

Last Update: 7 February 2018

Icon Type: Pre Built SVG Icon / Custom Upload ?You can use our Pre Built Drawable SVG icons or You can upload your custom SVG from this option. You can check Drawable functionality of your SVG icon from
Check link.
Pre Built SVG icon: You can choose our tested drawable SVGs from this list.
SVG Animation Type: You can choose from different options of SVG draw animation. Test that here
Check link.
Animation Duration: You can Set SVG draw Animation Duration using this option. Test that here
Check link Check link.
SVG Alignment: You can choose alignment of SVG icon using this option.
Maximum Width: You can setup Maximum Width of SVG here in Percentage or in Pixels from this option.
Stroke(Border) Color: You can Choose SVG’s Stroke in Normal Terms Border Color Using This Option.